Carolina WildAccording to the brand, Carolina Wild is like no other drink you have ever tasted and, for the people that created this novelty, a new way of presenting this indigenous fruit, predating European settlers, was a must.

Founders Elizabeth Maxwell and Dennis Tracz have sought to create a refreshing, healthy and thirst-quenching all-natural juice from their and their neighbors' muscadine farms. Muscadines are a vine grown, berry-like fruit with a flavor all of their own and, to reflect this, the producers needed to offer a unique shelf presence through bespoke packaging.

Pollen Brands, a full-service branding agency, was tasked with creating the brand identity and all corresponding materials for Carolina Wild including the visual strategy, packaging and web materials. 

Virginia-located M&H Plastics, part of the RPC Group, produced the bottle Pollen designed, which captures both the berry shape and the twisted nature of the vine on which it grows. Offering a high gloss finish and bright graphics, the 12oz "Vine" bottle is designed to let the rich color of the juice shine through, to allow the customer to see the purity.

Positioned as a premium juice with myriad health benefits due to its naturally high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols, the product and its packaging has reportedly won the hearts of celebrity chefs around the South — an area famed for quality in food and fine dining. 

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