There's a new manufacturing invention offering design opportunities for the packaging industry.

Historically, 3D urethane ornamentation has been confined to high-end, durable, consumer product branding such as refrigerators, computers and automobiles. Since liquid urethane bubbles required 12 hours of cure time on flat sheets, these domed labels were applied by hand. Volume assembly was both time consuming and expensive.

However, the invention of new manufacturing equipment allows for the production of urethane domes onto rolls for automated applications. Now, consumer packaging and other high-volume applications can be embellished with glossy, 3D designs with the same eye-catching appeal and durability that has only been possible for durable goods.

DomeTag, a labeling leader since 1978, is offering a free Designer's Sample Kit to packaging designers and brand managers allowing for hands-on testing, including an assortment of urethane domes in different colors, sizes and shapes. 

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