Like a DollPupa Milano has chosen Lumson’s 30ml Circus glass bottle in combination with the aluminum covered collar dropper for the launch of the new Perfecting Make-Up Fluid Like a Doll.

Like a Doll’s Perfecting Make-UpFluid formulation aims to give skin an amazingly smooth look and is available in six options.

Pupa Milano selected Lumson’s Circus 30ml bottle in frosted glass with black screen printing, in order to enhance the formulations. The clean and simple design is combined with the AB266 dropper, offering a Silver aluminum collar and black nitrilic rubber. This new distribution system has been tailored for extra fluid foundation, guaranteeing a precise and clean application. The wiper inserted inside the bottle helps to remove any product residue on the pipette.

Pupa Milano has already worked with Lumson to package two other products.