ButterflyCannon has created a limited-edition festive pack for Glenmorangie Original, to be sold internationally.

Each year ButterflyCannon is challenged to produce an innovative carton pack design that catches the eye of the festive shoppers. This year’s creation uses a state of the art technology, developed by Karl Knauer Packaging, which inspired the ButterflyCannon creative team to develop Glenmorangie’s watermark pattern into a bespoke holographic finish. The pattern comes alive when the retail lights reflect off the surface, changing color as you walk past and revealing a silhouette of the bottle. This technology also provides opportunity for traditional premium finishing effects such as gloss and matte varnishes and heavy embossing.

“It is always a challenging brief to find something new and innovative that doesn’t appear gimmicky or short lived. This special effect carton board finish gave us the perfect vehicle to design something festive and branded, whilst staying in the realm of premium gifting,” says Jon Davies, creative director at ButterflyCannon.

“ButterflyCannon have managed to create a captivating design for our signature expression, which is eye catching and amplifies one of the brand’s key design codes, the watermark pattern,” adds Michael Atkinson, Marketing Manager at The Glenmorangie Company.