Coveris, a global leader in packaging and coatings solutions, received the Flexible Packaging Association’s (FPA) Highest Achievement Award for Institutional packaging for its sterile packaging innovation, Intervoid. One of the industry’s highest accolades, the FPA Highest Achievement Award recognizes Coveris’ packaging expertise with the range of sterile sampling solutions.

The patented Intervoid Sterile bag is a multi-industry sampling package innovation that combines ultra-sterile, ultra-secure, composite sampling systems for the first time, according to the company. Leveraging technical conversion methods, the sterile bags combine track and trace identification, patented tamper-evident closure and tape, perforation, secondary gamma sterilization and leak-resistant properties to deliver a composite, sterile and easy-to-use sampling solution for enhanced safety, security and environmental impact.

The Flexible Packaging Association has conducted the annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition since 1956 to showcase the industry’s innovation and the advances that have changed packaging. The competition is among the most respected in the industry.

Launched in 2014 and developed at Coveris’ Specialty Conversion site in the United Kingdom, the Intervoid Sterile bag is designed for global sampling industries, including medical, pharmaceutical testing, food and biotech industries. Available in a range of standard sampling sizes, the bags are also be tailored to individual end-user requirements and customised for size, thickness, design, tracking and security features.

Drawing particular attention from the FPA for its advancement of the function of flexible packaging, according to the company, Intervoid Sterile is not only a breakthrough in specimen sampling but also in its ability to provide a single, composite packaging solution that efficiently replaces other ancillary packaging components. Allowing for the removal of secondary packaging, such as labels and breakable rigid plastic or glass containers, the patented solution is designed to be leak resistant and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

Intervoid Sterile’s track and trace capability enhances traceability and function through inline print processes which dual-mark each bag with a unique number and barcode identification which eliminates the need for secondary print, labelling or human process error, an integrated capability and advantage of flexible process which is not available on any other format.

“This is a tremendous achievement for Coveris and one which provides industry-wide recognition for our world class capabilities in flexible packaging,” says Coveris President and CEO Gary Masse. “Our Intervoid Sterile line not only offers a smarter, more efficient and highly innovative packaging solution but also demonstrates our ability to lead technical advancement within the global flexible packaging industry.”

Masse and the Coveris team accepted the award at the FPA Achievement Awards dinner in Naples, Fla.