Design firm WFM has recently accepted two 2015 Graphic Design USA American Package Design Awards. WFM’s team of designers reimagined both winning brands in a unique way, redefining consumer expectations and repositioning each brand for optimum category leverage. At the heart of it, Wolfgang’s Latimer St. Bakery line of premium truffle cookies and Cocoa Traveler package offer consumers a unique destination driven experience that starts with the packaging and concludes with the consumption.

Where do we go from here?

It’s a typical question that confronts anyone in the industry working with a brand that is struggling to find an audience. In this case, Wolfgang Chocolate Company, looking to reinvent its Eve’s chocolate-topped premium cookie line as well as its Chocolates of the World packaging, asked it of WFM. It issued the challenge to totally overhaul both items complete with new names, logos and pack types. As with any rebranding project, WFM began its process with an in-depth analysis of Wolfgang’s current market and a determination to find a direction for both brands.

“We looked at a number of things during the developmental stage. But, first and foremost was naming the products,” says WFM partner Tom Newmaster. “Eve’s, as an identity, was a complete disconnect with the product and the heritage of the company. We wanted something that spoke to the European history behind Wolfgang as well as the product’s exceptional quality and taste. And Chocolates of the World was just generic. It didn’t really resonate with the consumer experience inherent in the products unique flavor profiles.”

In evaluating both existing brands, it became apparent that establishing a destination would be key in repositioning the brand and evoking a response in potential consumers. To achieve this end, each brand received a new name. Latimer Street, the location of the original Wolfgang family home where the business began, provided the ideal nostalgic update for Eve’s. “Latimer St. Bakery is perfect because of the old world character it gives the product. It’s like your favorite little neighborhood café, where everything is madefresh, delicious, and inviting,” says senior designer Stephanie Bennett. “The historical significance of the name establishes a unique and intriguing back story for the cookie line.” 

Since Chocolates of the World are sourced globally from exotic locations, the search for the destination became the focus for the rebranding and Cocoa Traveler was born. “The unique thing about Cocoa Traveler is that each bite is an adventure,” says senior designer Mike Amole. “We wanted the name to celebrate that journey and entice consumers into taking a vacation from the ordinary.”

With new names selected, the design team turned its focus on logo development and the overall look of the redesigns. A hint of fanciful silver filigree embellishes each Latimer St. box, adding a touch of sophistication. The logo, boldly emblazoned on a white field, is charming and reminiscent of a vintage bakery sign. A simple color band allows for easy flavor identification across the line while the delicious photography promises a memorable taste experience.

Cocoa Traveler features a weathered baggage tag with distressed type. In the background, a worn map reinforces the world travel theme, while flavor indicators in postage stamp shapes cleverly highlight the imported ingredients. Color coded foils allow for convenient indulgence as well as easy flavor selection. Each design has a clear direction and aesthetic which conveys its respective brand’s messaging to consumers in an elegant and concise manner. The products get noticed because they have something to say using a visual language that resonates with consumers.