Mohawk, one of North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty substrates for commercial and digital printing, and Arjowiggins Creative Papers,one of the world’s leading manufacturer of creative and technical papers with manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia, have announced a unique and exclusive alliance, effective May 12, 2015. Through this exclusive arrangement, Mohawk and Arjowiggins Creative Papers will share best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, facilities, technologies, sales and marketing resources and expertise.

The alliance is unprecedented in the paper industry, especially for two brands which previously acted as competitors. Arjowiggins and Mohawk are like-minded fine paper manufacturers with legendary brands that have driven the premium paper segment for over a century. The companies share core values of heritage, innovation, operational excellence, craftsmanship, safety-focused manufacturing, environmental commitment and social responsibility.

A mutually beneficial exchange of expertise in manufacturing, sales and marketing

Under the terms of the agreement, Mohawk will have exclusive rights to manufacture Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ luxury packaging products, Delos and Butterfly, as well as rights to license, market and distribute these and other select Arjowiggins Creative Papers luxury packaging products to design, packaging and print professionals in North America.

Delos is a recognized leader in its field in Europe and, together with Butterfly, it is used in the luxury packaging market by well-known global luxury brands where the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and foldability are demanded. The innovative and traditional characteristics of these Arjowiggins Creative Papers products attract these very demanding brands, which do not ever compromise on quality.

Likewise, Arjowiggins Creative Papers will have exclusive rights to manufacture Mohawk Superfine with i-Tone, as well as rights to license, market and distribute the product through selected merchants.

Mohawk Superfine, developed in the late 1940s, has long been the fine paper of choice selected by the world’s leading brands, graphic designers and fashion houses. World-renowned brands including Tiffany, Herman Miller, Aveda, Honda, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales and the world’s best graphic designers specify Mohawk Superfine for high-end communications, premium envelopes, fine stationery and luxury packaging.

Mohawk has, over the years, been a key player in the digital printing market with its proprietary i-Tone technology. The specially formulated treatment has a unique affinity for both wet and dry toners resulting in consistent, high fidelity image quality and consistent tone for digital printing presses. Mohawk Superfine with i-Tone has earned the reputation in the digital printing world for delivering superior print results and high performance.

According to Thomas D. O’Connor, Jr., chairman and chief executive officer at Mohawk: “Today’s business climate requires successful companies to exhibit flexibility, agility and adaptability to remain competitive and profitable. There’s been a considerable amount of consolidation in the North American and European paper industries, but there’s never been a collaborative effort like this on an international level.”

O’Connor adds, “Mohawk’s alliance with Arjowiggins Creative Papers is a groundbreaking move to grow our businesses through better utilization of our respective sales, operational, marketing and manufacturing assets, without requiring a lot of additional investment. Arjowiggins has long been a respected leader in the fine paper and luxury packaging markets, and this exciting collaboration will celebrate our companies’ unique strengths and allow sharing of best practices and technologies. Ultimately, this union creates the largest premium paper and luxury packaging manufacturing entity in the world.”

Arjowiggins Creative Papers will share unique capabilities and paper manufacturing equipment with Mohawk, including a twin wire machine capable of sophisticated processes resulting in ultra-heavy weight papers with variable finishes. Mohawk will provide manufacturing expertise and will grant Arjowiggins Creative Papers exclusive rights to manufacture the legendary Superfine grade and proprietary i-Tone surface treatment.

For Jonathan Mitchell, managing director at Arjowiggins Creative Papers, “This unprecedented ‘transatlantic’ alliance is a real exchange of expertise in fine papermaking between two well established paper manufacturers. Mohawk’s i-Tone is arguably the world’s best technology for digital presses so we are delighted to be able to offer this technology in our product portfolio, starting with Superfine. We are happy as well to develop our very strong packaging brands in the U.S. market through this alliance with Mohawk. A worldwide collaboration on this scale will bring unique and far-reaching benefits, not only for our customers, but also for our companies.”

Innovative Technologies and Best-in-Class Manufacturing

Arjowiggins and Mohawk are committed to manufacturing excellence, the heritage of fine paper and a culture of innovation. Sharing best in class manufacturing practices and technologies will allow each company to expand into new markets with the most diverse offering of fine papers in the world.

A Shared Commitment to Environmental & Social Responsibility

In addition to a shared heritage of craftsmanship and fine papermaking, Mohawk and Arjowiggins also share a deep commitment to environmental and social causes. This commitment will only be reinforced with this very promising and groundbreaking strategic alliance.

Representatives from Arjowiggins Creative Papers and Mohawk will be available to speak with press, and will be available for press meetings by appointment at LuxePack New York (stand B121), May 13-14, 2015.