Droppers have been around for centuries. But as cosmetics treatments get increasingly complex, their popularity is on the rise once again. Driven by consumer demand, today's multi-functional formulas combine everything from anti-aging to blemish control. Correct dosage and precise application are consequently more important than ever to ensure optimal results.

Quadpack Group's new Auto-Loading Droppers are designed to provide a scientific solution for precision dosage — one that engages users and draws them closer to your brand. Using the dropper adds to the experience of a beauty product, making each precious drop treasured and appreciated.

The mechanism is ingenious yet simple. Twisting the cap open automatically charges the correct dose of 0.5ml. Clicking the push button then dispenses the formula onto fingertips or directly to the local area.

The Auto-Loading Dropper has been engineered for optimum functionality. Its construction prevents blockage, while keeping the teat out of sight for a cleaner design.

Two types are available. The blow-molded 30ml bottle option is ideal for prestige applications. The tubular glass vial option comes in capacities ranging from 7-30ml, aimed at masstige and cosmeceutical applications. Both have an aluminum-sleeved collar which enables the dropper to be snapped directly onto the bottle on the filling line.