The story:

VOYA is a luxury spa and skincare brand based in Ireland. The business specialises in using handpicked wild Irish seaweed recognised for its skin-enhancing and health properties. When combined with other botanical extracts, it is transformed into an effective and luxurious range that helps improve consumer health, skin and wellbeing. Products can be found globally, and fans include Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham and Michelle Obama.

The challenge:

The VOYA brand was founded by Mark and Kira Walton. The duo had the foresight to utilize the organically grown seaweed — harvested off the coast of County Sligo by Mark’s family for generations — to create a global skincare business. For over 10 years, VOYA has led the way for results-driven, certified organic skincare worldwide. The award-winning products and treatments have raised consumer expectations of organic skincare to something exceptional, luxurious and very effective.

The business has improved and expanded its lineup with new products and formulation amends, designed to enhance the overall quality and achieve great results from every product.

The evolving range includes over 50 products, from advanced organic facial products for specific skin concerns to home fragrances. VOYA is now available in reputable retailers including Selfridges, in addition to prestigious spas and luxury hotels, giving everyone the power to emulate the full VOYA spa experience at home.

Because of the changes to the products and range, and Mark and Kira’s understanding of the power of strong design, the owners invited Dragon Rouge to help them establish a distinct, premium identity and positioning for their international brand, from packaging to print, website and promotional materials.

The new packaging design helps consumers to differentiate between the different collections, offering a spectrum of choice for particular needs.

The solution:

Inspired by the natural flow and texture of seaweed, the VOYA story unfurls through the imagery and packaging. Customers are swept away on a journey both inside and outside the bottle, encouraging a truly relaxing and indulgent experience. The use of rich organic colors and glimmering gold elevates the core ingredient, preserving its purity.

“VOYA is differentiated by its passion for capturing the benefits of nature in its purest form, whilst creating a truly indulgent quality experience for the consumer,” says Steve Irvine, creative director, Dragon Rouge. “The new visual identity is a contemporary interpretation of the brand’s story, aiming to evoke a luxurious spa experience that is both honest and beautiful.”

The redesign has enabled VOYA to introduce new organically certified ingredients and fresh fragrances from essential oils to existing products. It has also opened up the opportunity to launch new products, including the world’s first organic seaweed oil, Angelicus Serratus, the brand says. This luxury seaweed oil has already received significant interest and exemplifies the improved quality of VOYA’s product development.

The new biodegradable outer packaging is made from the same hand-harvested dried seaweed that is used within the skincare products, combined with vegetable ink dyes. Through partnerships with the World Land Trust and Electric Ireland, VOYA carefully considers its carbon footprint, with all new packaging being recyclable or biodegradable.

Dragon Rouge also designed the graphics for the inner tubes, bottles and pumps.

The resulting identity and packaging matches the quality of the products while staying true to what the brand stands for, says Mark.

“The new packaging has been designed to reflect a luxurious, high-end brand without compromising VOYA’s ethos of sustainability and protection of the environment.”  


  1. A calming palette of organic colors distinguishes product collections. The range for combination skin is housed in a golden structure, for example.
  2. Text relating to the brand’s story undulates across the packaging, mimicking the waves of the ocean and the shape of the handpicked seaweed.
  3. The biodegradable secondary packaging, designed by Dragon Rouge, is made from dried seaweed and dyed with vegetable inks.



Dragon Rouge