I remember a history class project, probably around fifth grade, where I built a model of Gutenberg’s printing press. I made it in my dad’s basement workshop out of some pieces of balsa wood, a pen spring and a stamp pad. It sort of worked.

Thankfully, we’re past the age of scribes, moveable type and printing that just sort of works. We’re in a golden age, one where brands can get fast, consistent, tailored packaging every time they go  to print. This month’s Category Analysis: Digital Printing looks at how brands are using the technology, next and now. 

For more on changes, turn to Managing Brands over Time and Products of the Imagination. In the former, Interbrand’s Christine Sech walks brand owners and designers through staying relevant and on brand — which is how companies become icons to customers.

In the latter, Christopher Hayes of Forthright Strategic Design demonstrates a trend happening in the wine label industry, one where brands are rolling out packaging built on “fictional authenticity.”

That’s the great thing about branding and packaging: As long you create with purpose, solve customer needs and design meaningful experiences, you can do whatever feels right for your company.