The faraway Svalbard archipelago is a remote and lonely arctic wilderness in the northernmost end of the Kingdom of Norway — practically deserted and just 700 miles from the North Pole. This is where icebergs containing the world’s purest water are collected, says the brand. Svalvarði is a glass bottled water for refined palates whose wood cap has been developed by Pujolasos Wood & Pack. The water is almost mineral free and has an exceptionally light mouthfeel perfect for pairing with fine food.

Svalbarði’s water is gathered only a few times a year, utilizing local resources to preserve the natural environment. Because of nature’s limitations on when flow from icebergs can be gathered, bottled iceberg waters are all used for limited editions aimed at the international luxury market. 

Pujolasos’ cap for the brand is inspired by arctic nature, and is manufactured by Pujolasos in its new factory plant in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona), very close to the Pyrenees.

The exclusive cap incorporates the universal ice crystal symbol in the form of a high-definition thermo-engraving. The sum of the quality wood and glass results in a dazzling bottle, whose distinguished appearance brings to mind the massive glaciers of the North Pole, evoking their purity and freshness, says the company.