As part of its recognition of Earth Day, Avery Dennison introduced an expanded portfolio of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified products. The
product portfolio, which features more than 150 FSC-certified facestocks, will help the company meet its ambitious goals for sustainable paper sourcing. It will also help label converters meet brand owners’ needs in the food, wine and spirits, and dairy markets.
Avery Dennison is committed to buying 100 percent of its paper from certified sources by 2025; of that, 70 percent will be FSC certified. FSC is one of the most recognized organizations dedicated to sustainable forestry practices. FSC certification ensures products come from wellmanaged forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.
Since 2012, Avery Dennison has partnered with the Rainforest Alliance. As part of The Rainforest Alliance Southeast Sustainable Forestry Project, the organization works directly with the forest stakeholders to create sustainable management plans and improve market opportunities for these small landowners.
“Avery Dennison product managers and their teams are actively seeking out and finding certified options that deliver the same performance as traditionally sourced paper products,” said Rosalyn Bandy, senior sustainability manager at Avery Dennison. “Our Earth Day reintroduction grows the portfolio to more than 150 products. We expect it to continue to grow in coming years as we move toward our 2025 Sustainability Goals.”
The expanded portfolio also helps converters meet brand owners’ need for sustainable labeling solutions. It’s a demand driven by consumers who are sensitive to their impact on the environment, and ever more cognizant of how companies make their products. According to a recent survey of younger consumers, Millennials, by A.T. Kearney and NPD Group, 47 percent of respondents said it’s important that a product be “inherently sustainable” when considering a purchase.
Since 1970, Earth Day has helped people focus on being more responsible stewards of the planet we share. Businesses like Avery Dennison accept a heavy share of that responsibility. As a leading provider of packaging and label solutions—and a major purchaser of raw paper—it’s a responsibility the company takes seriously.
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