Avery Dennison just introduced TT Sensor Plus™ - a simpler, more reliable, and cost-effective way to track temperatures during a product’s supply chain journey.
TT Sensor Plus uses the latest temperature data logging technology to provide brand owners the ability to collect data regarding the temperature ranges their goods are subjected to during shipping. These analytics allow them to make decisions regarding if the item’s quality has been compromised.
This credit-card sized label can be adhered to or placed inside a shipping package. Its sensor logs temperature data at regular intervals. And stores that data in an embedded Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip powered by a built-in battery. The data is accessible at any point in the journey. A user can simply tap the label with an NFC-enabled Android smartphone or tablet loaded with a free, purpose-built, Avery Dennison app.
TT Sensor Plus is intended for use with products such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals and polymers. It offers significant advantages over bulky, devicestyle data loggers commonly used to monitor temperatures with these products. TT Sensor Plus is:
  • Simpler to use, requiring no specialized training.
  • More cost effective. Because TT Sensor Plus is intended for one-time use, brand owners can avoid the cumbersome return process associated with data loggers. And, they avoid extra costs related to non-return of those devices.
  • More compact and flexible. Brand owners can have a TT Sensor Plus adhered to either the inside or outside of their packaging. This can help them better understand the temperatures not only within the packaging, but within trailers, distribution centers and other supply chain environments.
  • More useful providing instant access to and temperature data throughout the supply chain journey. This can help brand owners pinpoint and improve weak links in the chain, reduce lost product and increase customer satisfaction.
“TT Sensor Plus has a very desirable form factor,” says Mary Greenwood, director of new technology and business development, Avery Dennison. “Its size and simplicity means it can be placed on or inside of cartons of various sizes, and used to easily track temperature data throughout the supply chain. These are benefits that we believe will be very attractive to the food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. It really is a ‘smart solution,’ using innovation to do a job better.”