Australian design firm Truly Deeply has ran a post introducing the country's new food labeling mandate, which brands must adhere to within two years. The initiative requires brands to use a colored scale on food labels to demonstrate how much of the product's ingredients are grown/made in Australia.

While U.S. food brands are currently waiting for the changes to the Nutrition Facts label to go into effect, the updates for America focus on helping customers make better food choices, according to the FDA. Interestingly, as Truly Deeply's creative partner Derek Carroll points out, Australia's updates seem to focus more on government initiatives rather than the health of the customer—though he agrees it is good to know product origins and to be buying Australian-made goods.

Do you think this system could be helpful to customers? What are potential positives and negatives? For tips on redesigning U.S. labels to meet the FDA requirements, visit our article "How Strong Will Your Label Redesign Be?"