Zanders, the German manufacturer of high quality specialty papers and boards, has launched Zanpack, a new range of boards with a special surface and extremely pure whiteness, which will bring out the full intensity and brilliance of printing inks. The range includes three grades: Zanpack silk, Zanpack silk2 and Zanpack touch, all perfect for packaging that will be eye-catching on the shelf and feel great to the touch, the maker reports.

“Our decades-long experience in perfecting high-performance coating technologies has been incorporated into the development of the new board grades,” says John Tucker, sales director. “The print results are better than good—they are inspiring. Zanpack builds on the tradition of innovation that produced Chromolux, one of the world's leading brands of paper, but with a product that is both top quality and cost effective.”

Zanders describes the new products as such:

  • Zanpack silk is double-coated on one side, with an exceptionally smooth surface and matte silk touch. It also has a special lick coating on the reverse, which gives superior print results compared to standard uncoated reverse sides. The high whiteness of Zanpack silk makes it ideal for packaging pharmaceuticals, as well as food and beverages, tobacco products and non-food items. It also perfect for graphics applications.
  • Zanpack silk2 is two-side double-coated grade, producing identical print results on both top and reverse sides. With a luxurious matt silk feel, it sets the tone for premium items.
  • In contrast, Zanpack touch has an uncoated surface giving a grainier, more natural touch. It is especially suitable for brands that emphasise organic and natural properties or an individual and hand-crafted feel.

The Zanpack range is made in Germany to the highest manufacturing standards, and uses only FSC certified and sustainable pulp.