“America Deserves Better Coffee” is the philosophy under which La Colombe Coffee Roasters and its 14 cafés operate. The brand wants to bring the best hand-sourced coffee from the world’s developing countries to people nationwide. Thanks to a novel innovation and collaboration with Crown Holdings Inc., the Draft Latte, a packaged product that mimics the foam of a latte prepared in one of La Colombe’s cafes, is now available. Crown’s new InnoValve can—a 10-oz sleek-styled can for textured beverages—has a proprietary one-way valve/grommet at the bottom of the can that compresses a nitrous oxide gas into the drink upon opening, which, in this case, creates the café-style foam. The metal cans also feature an attached lip guard to mimic the feel of a to-go coffee mug.  www.crowncork.com