BRANDPACKAGING says: Torani and its partners have mastered packaging that solves a customer pain point. The new cap makes users' lives easier by allowing quicker service, reducing frustration from lost closures, and helping stop product waste. Read on for the original story.


Torani Smoothie Mix is widely used for beverage service. In the past, the product was capped by a standard round-orifice, non-dispensing threaded cap which was messy to use; it took time and two hands for bartenders to screw the cap off and back onto the bottle. What’s more, the cap was often lost at the end of a busy night of bartending, requiring the bottle to be inadequately secured with plastic wrap to attempt to ensure integrity of the product for the next day.

To elevate the brand among bartenders who must work rapidly and value a quality product that not only tastes great but also truly performs when it counts, Torani sought, as part of a total package redesign, to re-craft the bottle closure for maximum performance at the speed well, as well as ease of sealing for freshness over time. To accomplish its goal, the brand turned to Berlin Packaging.

The resulting base/actuator combo closure designed by Berlin fulfilled those needs in a truly innovative way. Unique in its category in terms of both form and function, the closure enables a one-handed grab/open/pour motion for maximum efficiency behind the bar. In order to accommodate the full spectrum of viscosities represented by the different flavors of the product, the closure also incorporates a non-chugging feature for smooth, continuous pouring accuracy and minimal waste through splashing of the product, regardless of viscosity level.

The self-sealing cap closes with a satisfying click, and provides a thorough air barrier that keeps the product fresh and great-tasting. The new cap also ensures safety from contamination when the product is stored overnight.

For rushed bartenders who are performing many repeated hand operations from cleaning the bar, to mixing drinks, to refilling supplies, to collecting money, the new Torani closure design represents heightened efficiency in hand ergonomics that adds valuable time to their process, as well as enjoyment to their work. Costs are reduced through quicker service, less waste and maximum protection of product integrity both when in use and stored.