BRANDPACKAGING says: There is an importance to matching your packaging to your brand beliefs, not only for your peace of mind but also for customers' as well. Brands that have a premise of eco-friendliness yet choose a package material that doesn't jive with what customers hold to be green will be passed over at shelf. Løv Organic made a good choice with its metal packaging for its purposes. Read on for the original story.


CROWN Aerosols and Specialty Packaging Europe has collaborated with specialist tea brand Løv Organic to produce a range of premium tins, inspired by the brand’s ethos of respect for the environment.

Løv Organic chose metal as the packaging material to convey best its brand values and deep respect for nature. The company turned to Crown with a specific brief for a tin that exudes minimalist modernity and simultaneously recognizes the importance of sustainability. Completely recyclable, metal packaging is infinitely recycled with no loss of physical properties. The more metal is recycled, the less carbon emissions are generated in the process. As metal recycles forever, it reduces the need to extract and use virgin metal, allowing brands to save these limited natural resources and contribute hugely to the circular economy.

The intricate opening of the tin complements the overall premium look, creating a collectable and iconic product. Crown’s expert team created 30 different colored containers, all of which were designed to appeal to customers and stand out on the retail shelf. Brightly colored, with hints of Nordic influences, high resolution printing techniques bring the images on the tin closer to photographic quality than ever before.

Being made in Europe means the production of the tins increases supply chain reliabilitybrand owners are recognizing that their products will be of the highest quality and will also be quickly and effectively commercialized. A perfect gift, the metal containers can also be reused around the home for storage or display.