I hope you all had a good, profitable week. Here are some interesting articles published during it that directly or indirectly concern our industry. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Enjoy!

Is your brand a market leading story teller? Sure, Dollar Shave Club and other similar indie brands have some craziness going on, says design firm Truly Deeply. But these brands have created a "disproportionately high level of emotional engagement with consumers, brand loyalty and a flow-through to premium pricing." See why personality benefits brands. If nothing else, there are videos to be watched.

Goodbye 'Growth Hacking.' Hello Neuromarketing. Neuromarketing has worked for PepsiCo, The Weather Channel, Ebay, Daimler, and more, says Entrepreneur. Will it work for your brand and its packaging? Test out six of the facts we know about the brain, including the one Kim Kardashian has done a phenomenal job with.

Why Fast-Food and Snack-Food Brands Are Introducing Smaller Signature Offerings. Mini Coke cans and baby versions of popular burgers aren't just cute, they are what consumers are asking for. They also make sense from a business standpoint, says Adweek.

DP Collection: Colorful Packaging. Tired of monochromatic packaging? Design Packaging's post is for you: Some good old packaging eye candy (but with Glitter! Neon! Patterns!) from Coach, Barneys New York’s collaboration with Disney for Electric Holiday, Birchbox and more. 

These Founders Called 1,000 Customers Personally—and They'd Do it Again. Now that's customer service, as reported by Entrepreneur. How far will your brand go to keep customers? If spending half a day for several weeks—or more—isn't feasible, what plan do you have in place in case something goes wrong with your product or packaging?

Infographic: What Big Grocery Stores Are Doing to Keep Consumers Coming Back. Oh, Trader Joe's and Costco, you've won our hearts. Here's why, finds Adweek. 

The 4 critical numbers to understanding changing consumer behavior for brands. People checking their phone more than 150 times a day, retailers who need to improve in-store experiences, the percentage of sales influenced by digital shopping and more: What do these stats mean for your brand? Truly Deeply explains.

Emerging Non-Traditional Packaging Materials. Sausages in hay. Wastewater-based juice packaging. Biodegradable six-pack rings. These materials, most of them natural, could see revolutionary growth with certain applications, says Best In Packaging.