Parkway Plastics, the N.J.-located manufacturer of plastic jars, caps and accessories is proud to announce that they are adding “mold customization” to its list of injection molding capabilities. Parkway is now able to, for a fee and at minimum quantities, mold customer logos on their jars, caps and discs, something that hasn’t been done prior to this. Parkway is also able to develop and quote certain custom shaped jars, disks and closures upon customer request. Not only does this open up new and interesting opportunities for the company with regards to custom molding, it also allows current and potential customers to explore customized applications.

Customers who are looking to customize their packaging but don’t have custom tooling in their budget are encouraged to explore Parkway’s stock colorants. Parkway now stocks over 150 colorants, all of which can be reviewed and selected on the website. The custom colors aim to help relieve headaches and lead time issues associated with color matching. Color matching is still available.

Parkway has been in business for three generations, and these new improvements mean a fresh perspective on a conservative product. The improvements are not only exciting developments for the company but also for the packaging industry as a whole.