Here are some interesting articles published during it that directly or indirectly concern our industry. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Enjoy!

Influence Marketing – A Relatively New Social Media Movement “Consumers are now looking to other consumers to gain trust in a brand,” says Truly Deeply. But brands, watch out for the potential downfall.

How to Find Your Unique Branding Proposition Knowing what sets you apart from others lets you be in greater control of brand creation and the business you attract, on Entrepreneur.

Marketing vs. Brand Strategy? Do You Know the Difference? 
Emotive Brand says, “When dealing with brand and marketing strategies, remember it’s not a case marketing vs. brand strategy, and it’s not ‘either/or,’ but of ‘both/and.’ One cannot work without the other.”

How Advertising on Different Types of Media Affects Sales of Consumer Packaged Goods “To determine how spending on media directly affects sales, NCS analyzed more than 1,400 campaigns from 450 CPG brands in seven categories (baby, pet, health and beauty, general merchandise, food, beverage, and over-the-counter products) over 11 years and compared that with in-store purchase data,” says AdWeek.

4 Basic Rules for Brand Survival Truly Deeply gives a handful of practical reminders brands should never lose focus of if they want to stay in the game.