A new revolutionary solution, named GS1 US Mobile Scan, offers the next generation of product identification, helping brands and retailers transform their business by delivering robust product information to consumers. GS1 US Mobile Scan-enabled packages have a DWCode, a nearly invisible high performance barcode offered in collaboration with Digimarc Corporation, giving trading partners the latest technology for providing digital savvy consumers with timely brand-authorized product information, including marketing, pricing, special offers and coupons, product attributes, instructional videos, rich media and additional shopping assistance via their smartphones. GS1 US members can begin implementing GS1 US Mobile Scan by obtaining DWCodes through the new online portal located at www.gs1us.org/mobilescan.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding access to complete and accurate product information to inform their purchase decisions and more than 90 percent use their smartphones while shopping in retail stores," said Laura DiSciullo, senior vice president of solutions, GS1 US. “The combination of mobile technology and shopper expectations has created the perfect storm and is challenging brands and retailers to respond with richer information for the consumer. GS1 US Mobile Scan addresses those requirements, helping provide the ultimate consumer experience now and in the future.”

In addition to providing brands with improved customer loyalty and direct consumer engagement opportunities via the digital devices they use today, GS1 US Mobile scan also offers retailers better inventory accuracy and faster check out at point-of-sale (POS). GS1 US Mobile Scan-enabled packages contain the same Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) data currently carried in a product’s U.P.C. barcode, making the data scannable on all printed surfaces of a package. Clerks can quickly scan packages with optical POS scanners without having to first orient the barcode to the reader, saving time and improving store operations.

By utilizing the Digimarc Discover software development kits, mobile app developers will provide a state-of-the-art reader to consumers that enables their smartphones to read DWCodes for GS1 US Mobile Scan experiences, as well as 1D and 2D barcodes.

To enable GS1 US Mobile Scan, brand owners will need to register, create an account, verify each GTIN, and provide the required product attributes. The DWCode portal validates a brand and product identifier to prevent unauthorized use by someone not affiliated with the brand owner company. There is a $50 annual license fee per DWCode, plus the Certified Solution Partner fees for enabling the DWCode in package designs.