Recently, on National Iced Tea Day, Snapple took the opportunity to announce its summer campaign, where it wants to remind Americans to take a break to celebrate our great land during this patriotic summer. To encourage fans to enjoy their much-needed break time, Snapple is celebrating with new limited-time flavors throughout the election season and an integrated consumer campaign.

"This summer is unlike most others and we want Americans to celebrate it appropriately. In addition to Independence Day, Americans are in the midst of the 2016 presidential election campaign and gearing up to root for Team U.S.A. in the summer Olympics. It's the perfect time to tap into what's happening in American culture and remind Snapple lovers to take a break and enjoy this summer," said Brent Chism, director of content and marketing, Snapple. "With our latest campaign and new tea flavors, we're doubling down on patriotism and celebrating Snapple's position as a national icon of fun, optimism and, of course, break time."

Oh Say Can You Tea

Recently, Snapple launched Oh Say Can You TEA, a black tea with strawberry flavor and a hint of mint, offering the perfectly refreshing experience for this time of year. The new tea flavor has been supported with social, digital and traditional media and marks the first time that a limited-time Snapple product has received national TV support. Oh Say Can You TEA TV creative pays homage to the Snapple Real Fact that, "In Massachusetts, it's illegal to dance to the National Anthem."

Snapple TEAcision 2016

Later this summer, Snapple is launching two new seasonal flavors—a Red Fruit tea flavor incorporating pomegranate, cherry and raspberry, and a Blue Fruit tea flavor with blueberry and blackberry. Similar to its Oh Say Can You TEA predecessor, Snapple's new Red and Blue teas are also backed by an integrated marketing campaign that taps into the excitement around the 2016 presidential election.

Snapple lovers can enjoy the new teas when they hit the market in September. But prior to that, Snapple will be popping up in cities that are hosting major political events, including Philadelphia and St. Louis, to hack the political arena and give fans a sneak peak of the new flavors.

To do this, Snapple has enlisted the help of actor and Snapple fan Michael Rapaport, who will serve as a break time correspondent. At his various stops, Rapaport will arrive like any other self-respecting campaigner in a wrapped Snapple "Break State Bus," which he'll use as a base of operations for giveaways, blind taste tests of Snapple Red Fruit Tea and Blue Fruit Tea and consumer debates with topics about anything except politics.

"With all the controversy and debate happening these days, you see a lot of brands shy away from anything political. That's why Snapple is jumping into the conversation to give fans a break from it all," said Rapaport. "Snapple is a hilarious brand founded in New York, and I've got New York roots myself. So of course I'd want to help Snapple lovers celebrate break time with Red Fruit Tea and Blue Fruit Tea leading up to the election."

Digital creative supporting Snapple's Red Fruit and Blue Fruit teas enables fans to take a break with an interactive "create-a-campaign" break tool, which generates a customized, patriotic and ridiculously awesome campaign ad. In addition Snapple lovers can also take an online "Can-Tea-Date" quiz to discover their true flavor profile and see if they lean Red Fruit Tea or Blue Fruit Tea. In addition, Snapple will develop entertaining digital videos featuring Rapaport hosting blind taste tests of Snapple Red and Blue teas at the Snapple "Break State Bus."

TV spots for Snapple Red Fruit Tea and Blue Fruit Tea will reference the little-known Snapple Real Fact that, "Astronauts can vote from space."