Organic mushroom brand Mushroom Matrix is unveiling a fresh new look and name: Om, Organic Mushroom Nutrition. The line of vegan, non-GMO and organic powders works to harness the superfood’s benefits—praised in eastern cultures for thousands of years—into tasty, health-enriched formulas designed to elevate the mind, body and spirit by naturally increasing energy levels, improving respiratory health, promoting immune support and more. “With the Mushroom Matrix rebrand, we hope to further appeal to consumers and promote mushroom’s numerous benefits by revamping our overall aesthetic,” says Om founder and CEO Sandra Carter, M.A., MPH, Ph.D. “We want to make living healthy lifestyles cool, contemporary and sophisticated, and we’re excited to unveil our new packaging that encompasses all of these things.” The rebrand not only streamlines packaging and messaging with a brand new bold look but also launches two new formulas—Om Chaga, developed to boost anti-aging properties, and Om Maitake, to support weight control.