BRANDPACKAGING says: Erbalab's plant and micronutrient nutraceuticals help support various functions of the body—sixteen different formulas cover anything from digestion to sleep and stress aids to joint health. The attractive primary and secondary packaging suit the brand's cheerful personality while conveying a sense that these products work naturally. Copy in a handwritten-style font presents a credible earthy, simple feel, and bullet points break down the functional aspects of the product.


Erbalab has recently launched a new range of nutraceutical products in the herbal medicine segment. The product’s delivery system, which uses an airless pump, isolates the active ingredients from the outside air, preventing degradation. The airless pump also helps to deliver the correct dose, which is more quickly assimilated into the body than other traditional delivery mechanisms.

Erbalab wanted to frame its product in a retail packaging that captured its innovative and high-quality nature, and selected the Burgopak Cabrio design for this very reason. The packaging design creates a spectacle around revealing the product with its innovative opening mechanism and helps to elicit a positive first response from consumers.

Arnaud de Saint Louvent, operations director, Erbalab says: “We’ve had some great feedback from the market on the Cabrio packaging. The Burgopak is a great fit with our aim to deliver innovative and high quality products to our consumers.”

With 16 different varieties, all identifiable through a bright color scheme, the pharmacy shelves in France have never looked better.

Burgopak is a London-based packaging company and design agency, which has been active in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets for a decade. With a host of design awards and nominations to its name and through its patented packaging solutions Burgopak have gained a powerful reputation as innovators in the packaging design industry.

The Cabrio is one of the nutraceutical range of Burgopaks, which also includes blister packs, sachet pack solutions and medical devices packaging.