Here are some stories of interest and worth the packaging community shared this week. Enjoy!

Simple, smart and efficient packaging design for brands Startup brands sometimes need to test the waters with their product before they can commit to pricier packaging. Design agency Truly Deeply shows brands how to do so without harming their image. 

How Brands Can Acknowledge Alternatives I'm never a fan of brands putting down other brands as their means of showing superiority (cleverer options exist), I appreciate this post. Check out a handful of ways you can propel your brand past the competition without looking petty. 

The Remedy to Maintain the Founder's Mentality "Research shows that public companies where the founder is still active in day-to-day activities outperform other companies threefold." What to do if your brand's founder is no longer present?

The First 'Not For Kids' Warning Label for Marijuana Products  As more recreational products pop up—or even medical items present—the need to protect children becomes more urgent. 

5 Common Mistakes in Brand Design Today We are an industry that loves to critique, and hopefully even more, learn. Are you guilty of these errors Emotive Brand shares?

Kodak’s Downfall Wasn’t About Technology "The American icon had the talent, the money, and even the foresight to make the transition." What went wrong in the digital transition, and how can your brand avoid the same fate? HBR explains.

Yes, You're Tired of Hearing About Pokemon Go. But Here Are 5 Things to Learn From Its Success Apply these to your brand, from Adweek.