TricorBraun’s elegant packaging for the Australian Gold Superior bronzing products has been placed on the short list for an award at the prestigious 2016 Luxury Packaging Awards. The awards will be presented on September 14 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.
“It is a distinct honor to be included in this award competition, among the top luxury packages in the world,” said TricorBraun CEO Keith Strope in making the short list announcement.
The Australian Gold Superior packaging is competing in the Cosmetics and Personal Care category. Its unique design gives the Superior line a simple but luxurious look. The tall, clear acrylic shell of the package features a faceted oval bottom that creates a prismatic effect and scatters light up through the clear acrylic as the package moves. The color of the inner polypropylene body that holds the product, topped by a gold pump, shines through the clear shell and overcap to create a distinctive presence.
The Luxury Packaging Awards, held annually in London, recognizes the highest quality and most luxurious packaging of the year. The 2016 awards ceremony will be the third annual celebration.
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