TRUETONiQS, a line of liquid dietary supplements based on Ayurveda practices and sitting at the intersection of refreshment, hydration and nutrition, has just reformulated its SKUs—BRAIN TONiQ and FIT TONiQ—and added two formulas, ZEN TONiQ and IMMUNO TONiQ. The brand needed a story true to its transparent nature and a compelling graphic design system to stand apart in the crowded cold case and form customer trust, all without making any claims. “We’re confident in our formulations, but we’re also very aware of intense FDA scrutiny involving nutritional supplement claims,” the brand says. “We had to communicate a confidence in the quality and efficacy of our products without raising the ire of the FDA, and frankly, without BS-ing consumers with a bunch of marketing propaganda.” Instead of statements and promises, TRUETONiQs ask for trial and feedback on the open web, putting the customer in charge of the story. Advertising agency LRXD used a Rorschach blot design on the packaging that focuses on the messaging of “How you feel is all that matters.”