Branding and graphic design agency The Show Must Go On, based in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain, has created dark, intriguing packaging for wine brand Viña Luparia. The Villain is the final wine in its wolf-focused collection: mature, robust to the taste and elegant. TSMGO chose to represent its singularity and strength with packaging of similar characteristics, and used the mythological Lykaon, a man who dared to challenge Zeus and was punished with the fate of becoming the first werewolf. But with maturity and reflection, Lykaon discovered the fullness of his new form, giving his ingenuity free rein for new adventures in an infinite land. On the pack, a vine leaf motif scrolls across the label in two very similar shades of black. The cotton-like texture of the paper invites shoppers to try to feel the lushness of the motif. Careful embossing work brings depth and helps outline the figure of the wolf and its mystery, and the gold eyes create contrast and an inescapable focal point.