Packaging has two major functions: protect and sell. It’s impossible to say which is more important. However, we know packaging that effectively combines both purposes can form the basis of a brand’s image.

A brand identifies a product and differentiates it in the market. It is the consumer’s collected impression of every aspect of a product. A brand creates a consistent image of quality, credibility and satisfaction. Packaging brings it all together.

As the new editor of BRANDPackaging, I want to explore with you the details that make for great packaging — the graphics, logos, shapes, typography, materials and manufacturing processes. Let’s delve into the subtle and not-so-subtle nuances of packaging that truly build a brand. Let’s create a library of remarkable packages and investigate the creative processes that bring them to fruition. To accomplish this, I look forward to interacting with the industry frequently and invite your ideas and suggestions. With your input, BRANDPackaging will be the voice of the packaging design community.

Packaging has played a major role in my career. I have served as the editorial director of Packaging Digest, Converting and Food Online. In addition, I have worked in marketing management for packaging equipment manufacturer Delkor Systems, as well as inks and coatings manufacturer Sun Chemical. Plus, I was technical service director for a major paper manufacturer. In these roles, I have visited manufacturing facilities, design studios and agencies around the world.

This experience has helped me to understand the importance of design. I have seen knockout designs that, unfortunately, could never be manufactured efficiently. There have been color choices that cannot be consistently reproduced across various substrates used on different types of packaging. But, oh, when it all comes together, what a thing of beauty!

Excellent packaging integrates all these elements into a design that creates an indelible mark in the consumer’s perception. That, I believe, is what BRANDPackaging is all about.