Hazen Paper Company set a package to stun, and won an award at the 2016 annual management meeting of the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) in Carlsbad, CA. The display case for “Star Trek: The Original Series, The Complete Series Remastered,” from Paramount, a Viacom Company, of Los Angeles, CA, won the marketing award in the packaging: nonfood category.

Hazen created custom Hazen Holography from Hazen Warp Drive-White Motion in a pattern now called #1872 Star Trek, registered to the package design. Hazen designed and manufactured the metallized holographic film and laminated it to .018-inch, coated-one-side solid bleached sulfate (SBS) with Ultracure coating to optimize printing with UV-cure inks. The unique hologram features a burst designed to mimic the classic special effect used in the vintage television show to indicate the Enterprise traveling at warp speed with stars and galaxies flashing by. It provides an arresting, three-dimensional backdrop for the simple, stylized insignia and a visual bridge with the retro Star Trek brand.

AIMCAL judges voted it “a very effective design.” One remarked, “It gives the impression of traveling through space.” The package was designed by JohnsByrne of Niles, IL, and printed by ColorGraphics, of Los Angeles, CA.

“It’s a great example of our white-motion holography,” states Hazen president John Hazen, “which supplies excellent opportunities for designers to convey motion and depth without a typical rainbow effect. It’s extremely useful in situations where strict adherence to brand colors is required. By filtering out spectral colors, we provide designers the ability to utilize pure white light to create the particular impact and effect desired, without compromise.”