Bulleit Bourbon is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, with a high-rye content and iconic frontier inspired bottle. Bulleit went to ButterflyCannon to create a new outer pack that would look disruptive on shelf, while still keeping with the brand’s straight-talking and authentic character.

The solution was to package the bottle in a customized canvas Lewis Bag; a small sack with triple-stitched seams which when pounded with a mallet is perfect for creating the crushed ice, integral to making Bulleit’s signature serve, The Bulleit Mint Julep. Made from 16-ounce canvas, the bag features a magnetic closure to retain the iconic bottle shape, detailed with oversized, hollow brass rivets inspired by the brand’s utilitarian brand universe.

The bottle’s branding is echoed in the layout of the bag’s screen-printed graphics and crooked embossed leather label and as a finishing touch, uncoated cardboard tags, held on a leather strap include instructions on how to make a Kentucky Mint Julep, the most popular serve in the brand’s home of Louisville, along with a personal message from Bulleit’s founder Tom Bulleit.

The packaging reflects Bulleit’s no-nonsense attitude, sticking around long after the last drop of Kentucky whiskey has gone, gently reminding the consumer to go get another bottle!

“Bulleit’s down-to-earth attitude drove the need for our gift packaging to have a necessary and functional purpose. Our bespoke Lewis Bag design does exactly that, giving the consumer the ability to smash their ice with ease for every serve. Its figure hugging design with graphics reflecting those on the bottle ensures the consumer recognises the iconic bottle on shelf without actually seeing it," comments Jon Davies, creative director at ButterflyCannon.

Hayley Millner, European reserve shopper marketing manager for Bulleit adds: “ButterflyCannon have got to the heart of the Bulleit brand with an evocative piece of packaging design that perfectly conveys the personality of the Bulleit brand and tells the brand story, rooted in craft and authenticity, whilst inviting consumers to experience an authentic serve.”