Italian design and communication agency Hangar Design Group, with offices in Milan, Venice, New York and Shanghai, was chosen by cigar French producer Hedon for their international launch. The new Hedon cigars – the only French premium cigars exclusively made with French tobacco – are synonymous with luxury, elegance, high quality and style. The same features are to be found in the communication tools conceived by Hangar Design Group.

Since uniqueness had to be the key word, Hangar Design Group – whose team also created the Hedon name and logo – chose dark blue and silver as the main hues for the precious boxes. Black is the dominant color chosen for the stylish website, whose textual and visual contents were also entirely produced by the agency.

The huge expertise of Hangar Design Group in the luxury field, reached in 35 years of work for top international clients, is evident in the elegance of this whole work and nicely summarized in the payoff. Hedon is just the perfect combination of French heritage and a vocation to excellence.

Hangar Design Group is an award-winning multidisciplinary practice, dedicated to creating powerful brand experiences through design and communication. Operating internationally, the studio has balanced a steadfast commitment to design quality and creative ability, approaching a wide range of projects, including new products, retail concepts, brand identities, communication tools, exhibition sets and digital environments.