A new survey finds that 95% of wine drinkers prefer drinking wine that comes in a glass bottle, with taste (80%) and quality (81%) leading as the top reasons consumers prefer wine packaged in glass.

Additionally, 61% of millennial wine drinkers, and 55% of all wine drinkers, say glass wine bottles are the most sustainable, compared to 11% of all wine drinkers saying that about boxes, 4% for pouches, and 3% who say that about cans.

The October 2016 SurveyUSA poll interviewed 2,000 adults age 21+ in the U.S. from all 50 states about their wine purchasing habits and wine consumption preferences.

Glass doesn't require a plastic or chemical liner, so there's no interaction between the container and product inside. This offers wine brands that choose to package in glass a clear advantage when it comes to product protection, taste and shelf life.

"A recent EcoFocus Trend Study confirms why consumers will increasingly look to glass as a packaging choice in 2017," says Lynn Bragg, Glass Packaging Institute president. "Millennial consumers strongly believe that glass containers are one of the most likely packaging choices to protect them from chemicals leaching into beverages, and a best packaging option to lock-in freshness without using preservatives."

Additional key survey findings show:

  •         80% of wine drinkers, and 78% of millennials, say wine tastes better from a glass bottle, while 3% of wine drinkers say this about boxes, 1% about pouches and 0% for cans.
  •         81% of wine drinkers believe that glass bottles contain the highest quality wine, while 3% of wine drinkers say this about boxes, 1% about pouches and 1% for cans.
  •         55%of wine drinkers say that single-serve glass containers are just the right size, while 9% of wine drinkers say this about pouches, 6% about boxes and 13% for cans.