Surf Swim Chardonnay is a rapidly growing wine brand that brings a taste of the beach in every bottle, and now in every can. Surf Swim Chardonnay cans are available in 4-packs of colorful and slender 8.4-oz cans, with the same high-quality chardonnay as in a bottle. Now you can take this award-winning wine with you on-the-go.

“The canned wine category is exploding, up 231 percent, but there are limited offerings for America’s favorite varietal, chardonnay,” says said Alex Guarachi, president and CEO of Guarachi Wine Partners. “Surf Swim is a fun, light-hearted brand that’s a perfect fit for a canned wine that you’ll want to enjoy at the beach, by the pool, at barbeques or anywhere else that a portable, unbreakable, single-serve beverage may be enjoyed.”

Now available nationwide, just in time for summer, Surf Swim Chardonnay offers sun-ripened aromas of peaches, ocean-cooled flavors of pineapple and finishes with waves of banana peel.