In 1963, the Loiacono family opened the first SNO-BALLS TO-GO stand where they sold shaved ice flavored with colorful syrups. In 2011, the family launched the first prepackaged SNO-BALLS TO-GO in four flavors, originally packaged in a traditional paper-rolled pint. Soon, there were issues with the sealing, and the result was that the products were leaking and drying out.

SNO-BALLS TO-GO chose to shift to an in-mold label packaging with a look that stands out on the shelf and highlights the details in the artwork by combining matte and gloss on the IML. What’s more, the labels are moisture resistant, making them a good application for frozen products.

With the help of packaging supplier Berry, and label supplier Verstraete, the new SNO-BALLS TO-GO package has been well received by consumers. Not only is this new package eye-catching, it is also fully recyclable because the package and label are both made of polypropylene.