Diamond Packaging has won three awards in the 74th annual North American Paperboard Packaging Competition, the industry’s premier showcase for all that is new and outstanding in paperboard packaging design and technology. Awards were presented in October at the PPC 2017 Fall Meeting and Leadership Conference in Phoenix, AZ.   

The competition, sponsored by the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) and judged by a jury of packaging professionals, industry experts, and professors, is a celebration of the industry and its creative potential. It is also an affirmation of paperboard as the clear and intelligent choice for packaging in today’s eco-conscious world.

Diamond won a Gold Award in the “Self-Promotional” category for its 2017 calendar, a popular promotional item given to customers and suppliers.

The butterfly-themed piece originates from a beautiful, hand-drawn watercolor. The “Transform Your Brand” tagline exemplifies Diamond’s expertise in transforming packaging into upscale brand ambassadors that attract the consumer’s attention when and where it matters most—on the store shelf. The calendar also showcases the type of decorative effects that can cost-effectively transform customers’ brands.

The calendar was converted utilizing Clearwater Candesce® SBS paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four-color process inks, DiamondTouch soft touch coating, DiamondEmboss coating, and UV gloss spot coating.

The dimensional header features a multi-level embossed caterpillar and tree branch, surrounded by leaves with emboss-coated water droplets. Folding back the scored panel reveals the caterpillar's transformation into beautifully decorated butterflies enhanced with overprinted cold foil, UV gloss spot coating, and multi-level embossing. Two of the butterflies unfold and pop-up, simulating flight. The colorful background features yellow flowers, white daisies, and green grass enhanced with soft touch coating, and an impressionistic rendition of a blue sky.

The middle backers also feature UV gloss spot coated, multi-level embossed butterflies, set against colorful flowers enhanced with soft touch coating.

The calendar’s recyclable shipper, which features complementary artwork, was designed to maintain integrity of the piece during shipping and storage.

Diamond won an Excellence Award in the “Cosmetics” category for Astral Health & Beauty’s Pür Mascara Trifecta packaging.

The carton was converted utilizing WestRock PrintKote® SBS paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four- color process inks, in-line with UV gloss coating.

Diamond’s proprietary DiamondSparkle vignette glitter decorative technique was applied on the front panel, creating shimmering tactile and metallic effects, adding dimension, and providing an upscale appearance.

The combination of color and textures differentiates the design from other cosmetic packaging and complements the design of the primary containers – slender multi-colored tubes decorated with bright silver caps.

Diamond won an Excellence Award in the “Cosmetics” category for L'Oréal USA’s L'Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Mask packaging.

The carton was converted utilizing FSC-certified Invercote G paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four color process, two special colors, and opaque white inks, and UV matte and UV gloss spot coating.

Overprinting transparent green ink over cold foil creates a shimmering metallic effect.

Foil embossed accents (L'Oréal Paris logos) on the front and top panels provide an upscale appearance unique to personal care products.

The structural design features a rigid window and a specially-designed, integrated insert, which provides protection for the primary container.

All of Diamond’s winning entries were manufactured using 100% clean, renewable wind energy and produced in a Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill (ZMWL) facility.