New microlithography origination technology from international supplier Wood & Associates International Ltd. opens up opportunities for brand owners and designers to create innovative eye-catching retail packaging using high-quality refractive-like imagery.

Dragonfly is a state-of-the-art, high-speed microlithography origination system, which is powered by a dedicated, multi-core computer and LINUX controlled operating system, that has been specifically tailored to perform calculations and control tasks.

The technology takes advantage of project management software that utilizes image files uploaded in standard bitmap tiff, jpg, png and bmp formats to create impactful projects.

Dragonfly’s digital capacity enables images to be created that can then be converted directly into laminates or foils for application straight onto folding cartons. (Laminates are currently the vehicle of choice, but an increasing trend towards the use of foil, both hot and cold, is expected to further boost Dragonfly’s future potential and uptake.)

This mastering system will enable large format optical devices such as authentication holograms to be incorporated to folding cartons during packaging design and production. In this way, the power of digital imaging can be harnessed to allow brand owners to create innovative eye-catching three-dimensional optical effects for maximum consumer appeal and impact.