Receiving a box of Cadbury Milk Tray chocolates—whatever the time of year—is always nice, and this Valentine, Cadbury is making it special with  MaXQ, innovative digital packaging technology from Amcor.

Imagine this: the box of Cadbury Milk Tray that arrives for you on Valentine’s Day doesn’t just contain your favorite chocolates, it also carries a personal video message from the person who loves you – transforming the act of giving into a truly memorable and emotional experience.

MaXQ, the end-to-end digital packaging system developed by Amcor and technology partner Kezzler, is what makes it happen. Each Milk Tray box has a unique code. Scanning the code with your smartphone allows you to record your own video message for the person you’re giving the chocolates to. When your loved one receives the chocolates he or she simply rescans the code to view your video. The recipient of each Cadbury video message can choose to post it on social media, sharing the love quite literally and bringing consumers closer to the brand.

The personalised Milk Tray box, powered by Cadbury and Amcor, are set to be available in 133 UK Tesco stores leading up to Valentine’s Day. Personalized videos truly allow consumers to answer the campaign’s call to action: “What would you say with Milk Tray?”

Amcor’s MaXQ digital packaging system enabled Cadbury reinvent the notion of sharing a box of chocolates and make Valentine’s Day more memorable and personal. Visit the MaXQ page to learn more about the innovative technology behind it.