Equator Design Ltd. part of the brand development group of SGK, a division of Matthews International Corporation, plans to expand the vompany’s presence in the U.S. with the launch of a new creative workspace in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The 12,000-square foot design space will bring Equator Design’s creative culture to Queen City, replicating an office concept that has been rolled out across all four of the company’s current locations worldwide. The move builds on Equator Design’s flagship Chicago office and will leverage Cincinnati’s creative culture, generating opportunities for creatives at all levels to join an agency with a global reputation for re-writing the rulebook on packaging design.

The new location in Cincinnati is seen by Equator Design as the ideal creative hub for attracting the right skills, experience and talent to fuel growth and provide an ideal environment for the company’s packaging design and branding capabilities. 

“Our acquisition of Equator Design last year was just one important step in activating SGK’s growth strategy,” said Gary Kohl, president, SGK. “Their proven ‘under one roof’ model, which they’ve replicated successfully across all their studios, resonates with the demanding needs of marketers today. We are pleased to introduce Equator Design to Cincinnati and greater Ohio, home to dozens of retail companies and world-class brands.”

“The space will reflect the company ethos,” continued Gary Flynn, global managing director at Equator Design. It makes the whole way we work very visible, which is a proven and critical element in our success. Our thriving and open work environments have been key to bringing new staff up to speed on our process and culture very quickly, which is important when working within the fast-paced retail packaging and branding world.”

“We are proud to welcome Equator Design to our region,” said Johnna Reeder, president & CEO of REDI Cincinnati, which worked closely with JobsOhio on the project. “Innovators and doers are what our region is known for and these new jobs enhance the opportunities available to our globally known creative talent.”

Founded in 1998 and acquired by SGK in March 2017, Equator Design is a packaging design specialist with experience in grocery retail and CPG brands with the unique capability to take brands from concept to shelf entirely under one roof with a single inter-disciplinary team across all its locations. 

Equator Design will move into its Cincinnati digs when construction is completed in late spring/early summer 2018.