Remedy Drinks recently announced the expansion of its U.S. presence across national retailers and multiple distribution channels. In addition, the brand has announced a new flavor, Mango Passion, to its range of sparkling kombucha drinks. 

In the U.S., Remedy Drinks now has a nationwide presence at all Albertsons and Safeway stores and banners across the country. This is Remedy's first launch into a national retailer with availability in more than 2,000 Albertsons and Safeway stores. Additionally, Remedy increased its store count across popular mass grocery retailers, Walmart and Target. With this expansion, Remedy is currently in more than 6,000 retail doors in the U.S. and is set to reach 10,000 by the end of 2022. Remedy's domestic revenue in 2022 is forecasted to be at least five times what it was in 2021, due largely to the brand's accelerated growth and retail expansion this year alone.

Remedy Drinks is also making headway in regional retailers across the country with its expansion in California into Erewhon, Savemart, Lucky, Raleys, Berkeley Bowl, Rainbow Grocery, and Bristol Farms. On the East Coast and in the Midwest, Remedy is now available at Hyvee, LIDL, Cub, Tops, and Weis. Remedy is also available via online marketplaces like Imperfect Foods, Misfit Market,, Snack Magic and Hive, among others. As nontraditional retail channels have proven to be successful platforms for the brand, Remedy has also expanded its presence with Vistar, Dot Foods, Carnival Cruise Lines, and other food and delivery services. By the end of the year, Remedy will also expand its Kroger footprint into Ralphs stores.

"Our greatest appeal to distributors, retailers, and customers alike has been Remedy's price point, no sugar platform, shelf-stable capabilities, and our incredible flavor profile. Reaching 10,000+ retail doors in the U.S. in one year has been a tremendous milestone delivered by a small, but best-in-class sales team," said Dan Leja Senior Vice President of Sales at Remedy Drinks. "There is a large and growing demand in the market for shelf-stable and gut-healthy products. Even nontraditional channels are beginning to increase their functional drink assortments, which makes the timing of our expansion impeccable. This growth phase will continue to rapidly heighten our consumer recognition."

In addition to its impressive roster of new distributors and retailers, Remedy has added an all-new flavor to its lineup of tasty Kombucha drinks, with the introduction of Mango Passion, launching just in time for National Mango month in June. The new no sugar, fizzy and fruity flavor is all-natural, with an added pinch of passionfruit for a tangy, ripe and ready taste. Like all Remedy Drinks, Mango Passion is made using the brand's conventional technique of a 30-day brewing process to improve its flavor and strength of living cultures and organic acids, creating a light, and refreshing better-for-you beverage.