With Yerba Mate continuing to grow in popularity up 21% in dollar sales in the latest 52 weeks according to SPINs Total Retail as of November 2021, there is still a gap in options for consumers concerned with sugar content. According to a recent Numerator Survey of Yerba Mate shoppers, 80% are concerned or very concerned with sugar content in their drinks and 69% of the current category leader's shoppers wish there were more unsweetened options available.

"Steaz Unsweetened Yerba Mate is exactly what consumers are looking for," says Ron Greene, CEO of Nova Naturals."Steaz Unsweetened Yerba Mate allows the Steaz brand to continue to excite and delight our core consumers while delivering on needs that are not yet met, positioning us to be a key player in the category."

Steaz Antioxidant Brew Unsweetened Yerba Mate is an expansion on the latest innovation for Steaz, a sweetened brewed Yerba Mate. Steaz Antioxidant Brew Unsweetened Yerba Mate boasts the highest level of caffeine in the category with 165mg in every can, sourced from organic Coffeeberry Fruit and Yerba Mate, making it a preferable, plant-based replacement to conventional energy drinks.