UK-based Thorndown partnered with Brown&co (B&co) to create a new brand of exterior paint to help house-proud homeowners think about the exteriors of their home with the same attention as they would the interior and provide the products and solutions to help make these ideas a reality.

Typically, outdoor paint brands consist of browns and greens but B&co created a color palette that drew on the orchards found in The West Country where the paint is manufactured. The imagery typically used to sell outdoor paints (pictures of sheds and fences) were replaced by animals associated with The West Country, which in turn represented the objectives of the paint with a story being told on the labels. The animal icons also echo the environmental aspects of the paints that use predominantly natural pigments and oils, avoiding chemicals where possible.

Thorndown is sold in an entirely different tin dimension to the rest of the market. The resized container has practical benefits for users, like a wider opening for paintbrushes. Labels were printed on paper and wrapped around the pots to highlight the craft element of the paints, another departure from the conventional design, where the label is printed directly onto the metal. The unconventional design also creates a distinctive and eye-catching advantage on shelf. All modifications to the standard paint tin specifications were created with zero extra cost in the manufacturing process.