The new fragrance collection Kierin NYC embodies the eclectic, complex and unique bricolage of city life. Each of the four fragrances (Nolita Noir, Highline Flirt, Santal Park and Sunday Bruch) represents a quintessential New York City gathering spot where diverse groups of people come together to reflect and share their own uniquely personal stories.

Instead of going the traditional route of packaging the fragrance in clear bottles—which allows exposure to UV light that can compromise the product—creators Didier and Mona de Biran opted for bottles made from recyclable glass coated with a layer of white opaque natural paint. That decision not only eliminated the need for adding potentially irritating coloring and UV filters—it allowed for a point of difference. The angular shaped bottles are paired with injection-molded aluminum caps that have a weighted feel and high gloss appeal.

Artist Chris Rosasco created the pop art-inspired graphics and high-gloss icons that adorn the matte labels. The placement of the label “on the edge” of the bottle is intentional, a metaphor for living life to the fullest while embracing diversity and celebrating everyday beauty in life.