Packaging which is fit for purpose and designed for reuse and recycling can effectively reduce plastic waste. Mondi has a long history of developing sustainable paper and flexible plastic packaging for forward-thinking FMCG brands, in many cases in close collaboration with suppliers of sustainable raw materials and recycling companies. At Mondi, one aspect of our approach to sustainability is to down gauge materials in to reduce packaging weight and thereby CO2 emissions; and many of our laminates incorporate post-industrial recycled content or bio-based films to reduce consumption of virgin raw materials. One of Mondi’s latest developments, BarrierPack Recyclable, provides customers with the means to expand their portfolio of recyclable packaging for foodstuffs, home care and personal care products.

As the name indicates, BarrierPack Recyclable is fully recyclable (or recycle-ready where suitable recycling systems are not yet in place). CeDo Recycling, a Dutch leader in recycling technologies, has conducted extensive trials to verify that the laminate can be recycled along with post-consumer PE.
Ton Emans, Managing Director CeDo, points out, “Mondi brought BarrierPack Recyclable to the commercialization phase well before the European Commission announced its strategy to make all plastic packaging in the EU recyclable or reusable by 2030. Furthermore, we are confident that, in general, flexible plastic packaging can become a vital part of the circular economy.”

BarrierPack Recyclable appeals to shoppers with great shelf appeal and easy-open and reseal features for longer product shelf life. BarrierPack Recyclable, which hits shelves in 2019, has already won awards, including the Best Technology Innovation in Plastics Recycling award at the 2018 Plastics Recycling Europe Awards in April, and the German Packaging Award in the category “sustainability” in August 2018.