British coffee, tea and cocoa brand Whittard of Chelsea partnered with illustrator Persephone Coelho to create a nature-inspired design for its new coffee packaging. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process.


The Designer

Persephone Coelho is an artist who creates hand-drawn illustrated cards. She spent a few years working in publishing as a graphic designer before taking the leap to set up her own illustration business. Her collection of illustrated greeting cards are inspired by her love of nature and wildlife.

Because the new Whittard of Chelsea packaging design feature animals in their natural habitat, Coelho was the perfect partner.


The Idea

The collaboration between Whittard and Coelho resulted in matching each coffee to an animal, largely based on the coffee’s place of origin.

Kenya Peaberry

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 

Mocha Djimmah (Ethiopia) 



The rebrand will also contribute to Whittard’s charity work with its coffee growers by donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of Guatemalan coffees to the EFICO foundation. EFICO is a non-profit foundation that promotes sustainable coffee and cocoa production and is working with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala for the people of coffee communities that are affected.