Waddington NorthAmerica (WNA), a Novolex brand, introduces Blaze, hot food containers that make takeout and deliveries better than ever. The containers come in a variety of sizes and styles, with hinged or two-piece options.

The easy tear-away hinge allows for a less-cluttered dining experience, and the two-piece option offers a common lid that fits the various base sizes. All of the packaging can be recycled where facilities exist.

The offer also includes three sizes of Contours Blaze catering trays with the company's patented EZ-Release tab system offer solutions for larger quantities of food — hot or cold — to be delivered to events of any kind. The technology gives Blaze catering trays the ability to provide the same food preservation capabilities and delivery experience.

“We’ve engineered Blaze hot food containers to ensure customers enjoy their meals at home as much as they do at a restaurant,” said Jennifer Heller, vice president of marketing for WNA. “This is an ideal solution for restaurants and caterers alike.”

Made with patent-pending technology, Blaze containers come with one-, two- or three-compartment bases. Construction of the containers offers a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Superior ventilation: Because vent holes are located on the sides, they are not blocked even when the packaging is stacked, allowing steam to escape and keeping food at its best for longer.
  • Family stacking: Every size can be easily stacked, with no need to worry about tipping over or spills.
  • Snap-tight, anti-fog lids: These lids stay on tight and secure, resisting leaks even on bumpy rides.
  • Customization options: The special lid design provides space for customized embossing, providing a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness by adding logo or brand name.
  • High-quality performance: Made in the USA, Blaze containers are microwave safe and maintain stability and structure even under the hottest conditions. They are engineered to ensure exceptional quality and performance for a variety of foods.