Videojet’s latest continuous inkjet (CIJ) product development, a 90° adjustable printhead, has been designed specifically for use with the Videojet 1860 continuous inkjet printer, enabling users to easily adjust the printhead when a coding configuration changes on their packaging or production line.

The Videojet 1860 printer integrates on-board intelligence and communication abilities with technology elements to help meet the evolving and expanding needs of manufacturers. This latest printhead development has been designed to make it easier to adjust the line configuration, without additional printer hardware, in order to address a proliferation of pack sizes and SKUs.

The optional 90° printhead design reduces the amount the umbilical is required to bend, thereby limiting the potential for damage to the wiring. This is particularly of benefit in traversing applications that can stress the umbilical repeatedly. The space-saving design enables the printer to be integrated easily into a line instead of requiring the user to rearrange the line to fit the printer.

The printhead features a ratcheting design that offers 350° rotational movement of the printhead’s nozzle opening. Moreover, the 45° slanted design feature on the face of the printhead delivers more mounting options and provides closer proximity to the product on the line. The printhead can get as close as 2mm from the product, even in gable top and other angled packaging applications, enabling crisper, higher quality codes. 

The revolutionary nozzle system features a predictive gutter build-up sensor and provides advanced notice of the most common potential fault conditions. Alert notifications are displayed on the printer and can be sent to a smart device, allowing for preemptive corrective action during line changeover or other planned production stoppages. In addition, the 1860’s fluid system features a make-up reserve tank that can keep the printer in action for a minimum eight hours of run time under normal operating conditions.