Redimark (, a new marking and coding company revolutionizing the small character printing industry, today announced the launch of the Redimark brand and the availability of its first coder, the Redimark TC12. Redimark delivers higher-quality printing with far less complexity compared to costlier small character date coders. The company’s business model allows customers to make purchases directly from its website, eliminating the need to go through sales representatives.

Redimark’s first coder, the TC12, is a reliable thermal inkjet device that utilizes cloud connectivity to make back up, storage, and retrieval of coding data fast and effortless. The TC12 has an incredibly small footprint and offers many flexible mounting options. The coder has been tested using rigorous industry standards and can print on a wide variety of packaging surfaces. In fact, Redimark offers some of the fastest drying inks for plastics and metals for non-continuous ink jet (CIJ) technology.

“Coding and marking has a well-deserved reputation for being complicated, messy, and unreliable, but Redimark is here to change that perception,” says Dean Hornsby, Redimark’s brand evangelist. “The TC12 is simple, reliable, fast, and accurate, making it a breakthrough in coding and marking technology. From simple purchase and installation, to intuitive operation and reliable maintenance, Redimark was created to dramatically change the coding industry.”

Redimark serves the food packaging, beverage, household goods, personal care, and home improvement industries. The TC12 can mark a wide variety of packaging materials, including paperboard materials, plastics, bags, pouches and films, labels, and aluminum. Once the TC12 arrives, the coder can be up and running within minutes.

During beta tests, users often remarked that the cost of the TC12 is far less than repair charges commonly paid for CIJ and laser coders. 

“The TC12 is the fifth date coding machine we have used to label craft beer bottles, but it is the first one that has worked without hassle,” says Mike Weksler, co-owner of Green Bottling and a Redimark customer. “As a mobile bottling company, the data our customers require on labels varies. Redimark has a reliable system that makes it easy for us to produce the necessary changes to date codes quickly, all at an extremely reasonable cost.”