Recycling and reducing, alternative and innovative materials, and increasingly efficient processes: these are the three strategic areas of the challenge for the future of food packaging launched last December by Italia del Gusto, the private consortium of leading Italian food and wine producers, and Eatable Adventures, among the leading global food-tech accelerators.

The initiative, supported by eight renowned Italian food leaders – Amica Chips, Auricchio, PanPiuma, Parmalat, Ponti, Rovagnati, Urbani Tartufi, and Valsoia – has selected six startups: four from Italy, one from Bulgaria, and one from Israel. These startups will have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most prestigious Italian food companies, testing their solutions in real-life scenarios. Additionally, they will gain access to a collaborative ecosystem and a network of international experts.

From industrial packaging created with alternative materials, to new proposals to improve production processes, to technologies capable of extending the shelf life of products: six cutting-edge solutions, guided by a shared vision of Open Innovation, to promote dialogue between companies and startups and the sharing of new technologies that are not always possible to develop internally. The emerging projects will increasingly support companies in reducing single-use plastics and non-recyclable materials and, at the same time, facilitate the transition toward a more conscious and ethically advanced food industry.

Eatable Adventures meticulously tracks the forefront of AgriFoodTech innovations worldwide. In light of this, the company has supported the food packaging sector in this challenge, attracting new talent and stimulating the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and new synergies.

  • Nicefiller, an Italian project in the innovative materials category, proposes Cronogard, a technology that uses specific molecules inserted into packaging, through ion exchanges capable of protecting and keeping food fresher for longer, reducing waste.
  • FOODOC®, this Italian startup offers a modular software solution capable of optimizing the multilingual labeling process. Centralizing management, streamlining operations, and reducing operating costs: these are the keywords of a true B2B revolution ready to change the rules of the game for Manufacturers and Consultants.
  • Alter Eco Pulp, which has introduced the "Cellulosic Fiber Molding" technology. It is an innovative process that uses natural cellulose fibers from annual plants and agricultural by-products, such as bamboo or sugarcane processing waste, for the creation of disposable and eco-friendly packaging products.
  • IUV, researches and develops plastic-free packaging solutions and edible coatings for fresh food products through Naturameri: small, naturally occurring, chemically unmodified molecules found in algae, plants, and even food waste.
  • LiVA, the all-female Israeli startup, specializes in the development of intelligent biopreservation and biocontrol solutions aimed at extending the shelf life of food and crops, reducing waste, and promoting more sustainable production.
  • Lam’on, a Bulgarian startup in the innovative materials category, proposes alternative materials to reduce plastic use such as biologically based laminates, recyclable along with paper and cardboard, and compostable transparent sheets.

“This initiative is naturally geared towards innovation and aimed at researching and implementing the most advanced sustainable packaging solutions,” said Giacomo Ponti, President of the Italia del Gusto Consortium. “The collaboration with Eatable Adventures has allowed us to activate a virtuous cycle and identify, among the valid proposals generated by startups, those most functional to the needs of the participating companies.”

About Eatable Adventures

Eatable Adventures is one of the most relevant food-tech accelerators in Europe and Latin America with more than 36 corporate programs launched, a deal flow of 2,200 global food-tech startups each year and operations in four continents.

About Italia del Gusto 

Italia del Gusto, founded in September 2006, is the first private consortium of companies operating in the Italian food and wine sector, whose members are selected for the quality of their products and the importance of their brands. Its mission is to help consortium companies improve their competitive position in international markets, strengthening their image as producers of high-quality food products.